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Atlas is based on simple ideas

  • High quality maps and spatial analysis are valuable

  • Maps provide information and, therefore, improve decision quality

  • Maps provide a natural, "common language" that aids communication between groups that routinely use different vocabulary

  • A social approach to GIS adoption is to use it as a tool for public participation

  • "Spatial" awareness is not a technology, but instead a natural human experience

  • Mapping and spatial analysis skills are under-developed and highly valuable

  • Kindergarten through High School students can benefit from developing spatial skills

Atlas Objectives

  • Enable GIS

  • Expand skilled resources

  • Improve skills pipeline

  • Enhance student GIS education experience

  • Reduce student GIS skills development costs

The Atlas Program

Geographical Information Systems spatial analysis has rapidly become a significant decision support tool for businesses and government organizations.

Unfortunately, the cost of entry remains high, which means residents and communities, and the smaller non-profits and public organizations, whose services bring value to those residents and communities, cannot realize the benefits.

The Atlas Program brings high-quality maps and spatial analysis that is highly accessable to these groups. It also works to GIS-enable organizations that are underserved, or otherwise have barriers to taking advantage of ways GIS can improve their value.

The Atlas Program gets its GIS skills from local educational institutions, bringing community-based projects and funding to GIS students.

Delivered by a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Atlas revenues come from grants, donations, and service contracts.

GRCC Relationship

In 2010, the Four Creeks UAC began purchasing GIS services from Green River CC. All services funds are used for student scholarships/internships or for equipment purchases that benefit Four Creeks and the GRCC GIS students. Over a 5-year period, FCUAC provided in excess of $6,700 in direct funding to GRCC GIS students.